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AllAbout Home Loans

Home Loans is usually long term commitment so it is advisable to know each and everything about housing loan from eligibility criteria to interest rates.

Anamika Verma

@ Financial Advisor | Posted 18 Jan, 2019 | Finance

Posted By: Anamika Verma (Posted 02 Apr, 2019)

5 Ways You can Negotiate for a Good Housing Loan Interest Rate

It is only natural to want to get the best home loan interest rate when you decide to apply for housing finance. This helps you save money that you would pay as your total interest and may reduce your repayment tenor too. In order to compare the impact of interest rates on EMIs, you can use a …

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Posted By: Anamika Verma (Posted 18 Jan, 2019)

Complete Guide to Home Loan Rules and Regulations in India

Lending institutions like banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) work under the supervision of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The central bank reviews the home loan rules and regulations from time to time and introduces certain changes to ensure a better environment for all stakeholders.

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Sammy Williams

everyone should read about this ....very informative content about loan