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manasi Walavalkar

@ student | Posted 07 Mar, 2019 | Health & beauty

Posted By: manasi Walavalkar (Updated 14 May, 2019)


It is wonderful that Lego Star Wars have complete led 20 years of its gracious journey. If you are a fan of Lego Star Wars, you will be mesmerized to know that the company has launched five new sets of the special edition to celebrate the anniversary.

However, 20 years ago, the scenario was …

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Posted By: manasi Walavalkar (Posted 20 Apr, 2019)

 Light Kit for Lego Harry Potter Magic World: Easter Special Gifts

Good news for the Lego fans this Ester! Are you a big fan of the Lego Hogwarts Castle? Well, then you can get the fantastic light kit now with awesome discounts. Now, you will get the chance of decorating your Harry Potter Magic World with the most exciting set of light kits.

You will be amazed …

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Posted By: manasi Walavalkar (Posted 18 Apr, 2019)


It was indeed a beautiful childhood if you have spent a good amount of time trying to assemble Lego bricks and plates in order to give your imagination a reality. You might have even been encouraged for your Lego building skill throughout, but if you are now considering to give this hobby a …

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Posted By: manasi Walavalkar (Posted 11 Apr, 2019)


The haunted house from Lego is one of the most thrilling models one can imagine. It consists of many features that help it to outstand as a real haunted house. Moreover, LED lights can help to enhance the model's outlook dramatically. It is one of the pre-designed Lego designs that are enriched …

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Posted By: manasi Walavalkar (Posted 09 Apr, 2019)


Lego bricks are undoubtedly the best playing accessories for kids since childhood and everyone would agree on how it would help to develop the minds as people love to create their own choice of structures. This being said, it is obvious that within the fan base, there are numerous Lego enthusiasts …

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Posted By: manasi Walavalkar (Posted 08 Apr, 2019)

Let’s have fun with ghostbusters!

There are very few things that can match the thrill and excitement of snapping out looming ghosts. Lightailing brings good news to all the Lego Ghostbusters fans out there. You can now bring the action and thrill of busting out those nasty and pesky spirits away, right in the comfort of …

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Posted By: manasi Walavalkar (Updated 05 Apr, 2019)

Creative Things That Can be Built Using Lego Bricks!

Who can escape the charm of Lego? Well, in reality, no one can! Irrespective of what your age is, the inexplicable affinity towards Lego is totally acceptable. After all, the spectacular creations made by Lego bricks are all time appealing. If you have been searching for a range of spectacular …

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Posted By: manasi Walavalkar (Posted 01 Apr, 2019)

Coffee Break With Cafe Corner!

If you are someone whose day gets a boost with the steaming cup of coffee at your nearby cafeteria, the 10182 Café Corner will definitely be enchanting to you. Everyone loves the easy-breezy ambiance of the town cafeteria where people meet for casual chitchats over some healthy breakfast and …

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Posted By: manasi Walavalkar (Posted 07 Mar, 2019)

Ship In A Bottle An Amazing Design Of Lego Bricks!

The craze for Lego and the interest for assembling the Lego bricks have never faded for young and grownups alike. While in earlier days, the Lego plates were available only to build small structures as you like, with the advancement of age, even the Lego merchandise too have gone through an …

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