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Augmented Reality in Retail Reality using benefits of the first to match the needs of the second

When was the last time you turned to an encyclopedia to help you find some information Similar to how the Internet changed this process Augmented Reality AR is to kill show roomingWith many global retailers closing their stores this year everyone feels that a new era is approaching No we dont want to compare brick and mortar stores to dinosaurs and predict their complete extinction but its becoming obvious that major companies will have to restructure their approaches to reaching their audience and selling goods for instance Bebe which isreducing the number of stores in favor of online sales or The Limited which announced the complete closure of all its 250 mallbased shopsThe case is that technologies continue to reshape modern retail and customers become more demanding and techsavvy adding more pain points to retailers plans and strategiesThe decision to put significant efforts into developing the area of ecommerce and shifting to an online mode is quite reasonable in todays shopping realities Businesses have to understand that its not efficient either to use conventional methods or stay uptodate Knowing customers actual needs is not enough nowadays retailers have to predict customers wishes and upcoming trends The only way is to offer whats next be ahead of time and invest in techno solutions to win modern market We believe that Augmented Reality software may become a very influential weapon in this battle for the place under the retail sun.

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