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anu khan

@ @letsuser | Posted 18 Oct, 2018 | Health & beauty

Posted By: anu khan (Posted 22 Mar, 2019)

Can a Skin Tag Turn into Cancer?

Moles or skin tags are common in

all ethnicities and these skin abnormalities are not risky. The problem is; one

of the early signs of skin cancer includes tiny moles or skin tags. By visiting

a professional, one can make sure there is no bigger risk. Moreover, a skin

tag removal treatment can be tried …

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Posted By: anu khan (Updated 20 Mar, 2019)

Sudden Food Intolerance in Adults

Food intolerance means not being

able to properly digest one or more types of food items. There are specific causes

of food intolerance in adults. By taking

a food intolerance test, one can know the root cause of the problem. This

article discusses why sudden food intolerance in adults take place.

If …

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Posted By: anu khan (Updated 19 Mar, 2019)

7 Reasons You Have Adult Acne, and Ways to Get Rid of It

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world struggle with acne even the teenage ends. Adult acne is a major concern these days and writing about it is worthwhile. What causes adult acne and how we can get rid of it? What is acne breakout treatment? This article discusses 7 reasons for adult …

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Posted By: anu khan (Posted 18 Oct, 2018)

Lip Augmentation - Enhance Your Lips For a Full Young Smile

Having fuller lips make your smile young and more beautiful. Smile plays an important role in making someone more attractive and beautiful. Also, having plumper lips is a trend of this new age. People are moving towards the cosmetic surgery procedure to get their desired look. When you get wrinkles …

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Sneha Bhatiya

does it have any side effects? 

Sanya Chopra

Very helpful!