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decision making processes

Sandeep Singh

@ Founder Digitalu | Posted 21 Dec, 2018 | Others

Posted By: Sandeep Singh (Updated 15 Jan, 2019)

“Actually” Impress Your Boss

They say to show up early, stay late, don't gossip, dress well and walk around the office fast, so you look busy. Really? Sorry, that’s just not going to work. What will impress your boss is results! The boss wants quality work that gets done ahead of schedule. Are you “Smart?” Smart is …

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Posted By: Sandeep Singh (Updated 15 Jan, 2019)

Reach Higher Levels Of Success by Sharpening Your Decision-Making

Have you ever wondered why some people go from one success to another, while others struggle to make it? To a large extent, how they make decisions can explain the difference.

Your decision-making patterns are determined by your early 20’s. Your cognitive strengths and weaknesses are derived …

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Posted By: Sandeep Singh (Updated 14 Jan, 2019)

Team Collaboration Does Not Mean Team Building

The Trouble with Teams

We hire bright, eager employees with excitement for the talent they will bring to our teams. Their education, experience, and work ethic promise to be key components to round out our teams. We then take them on the trendiest team building events talked about in the latest …

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