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f you are at that point of your life where you have to pick a profession for yourself you are reading the right thing If you have an interest in criminology you can pick the following professions .

Alexxx Briannn

@ author | Posted 26 Nov, 2018 | Education

Posted By: Alexxx Briannn (Posted 26 Nov, 2018)

Lawyers vs Detectives - Which is the Better Profession?

Do you find professions related to Law and crime interesting? Do you think you have a talent for things like conducting thorough research, interrogation, public speaking, effective communication, analysis, and problem-solving? Do you think you have the mental strength and a firm resolution to …

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brendan miller

Interesting question you have asked.  Both are two totally different lines of work.  Actually, Being A Detective And A Lawyer Are Pretty Much Different Careers. But You Can Say That Both Of Them Are Related To The Criminal Justice System. Lawyer is defending an accused criminal and Detectives typically have to have a career in law enforcement, which means you would start off as a street cop and work your way up. On the other hand, becoming an attorney is purely academic and hands on educational experience. Both are good professions.