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Facebook YouTube or Instagram Which Are the Most Used Android Applications of 2018

In the last decade of unprecedented technological advancement in India a small device with numerous abilities called smartphone has completely taken over our busy lives From the moment we open our eyes in the morning till the time we sleep we are all increasingly getting addicted to our smartphones And why not After all whether as a guide to an unknown realm of things or as a friend in times of need it never lets us down There are in fact infinite possibilities as far as a smartphone is concerned There is no end to what we can do with it From learning about new subjects to managing our business it has literally brought everything down to our fingertipsBut for a beginner with limited technical knowledge the first question would be how does a smartphone actually work Simple Since it behaves like a mini computer for us it also needs an operating system just like the computer Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones all over the world According to a report on the website MY BROADBAND Android has a share of total 6553 in the marketAn Android application is nothing but a software in the Android phones which is either inbuilt or can be downloaded While Google is an inbuilt application other applications like Facebook Uber Swiggy Instagram can be downloaded Now let us look at some of the most used Android applications of 2018GoogleThe Google App which includes Google Chrome Gmail YouTube etc is the most used app on Android phones It is inbuilt in Android mobiles and all of these apps which come under Google are individually very popular Google is the most extensively used Search Engine and Wikipedia says that it holds 923 hold in the market Also when it comes to watching or uploading videos people mostly think of YouTube Even Facebook doesnt come close to its dominance as an Android app Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it has turned BloggingVlogging into a fulltime profession for YouTubers Indias most popular YouTuber Bhuvan Bam BB Ki Vines reached 11 million subscribers in 2018 FacebookFacebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular Android applications According to a 2018 article on the website Business of Apps 85 of people who use smartphones use the Facebook App Also the website states that the number of people who use Facebook daily is 15 billion To say the truth it doesnt come as a surprise since everyone is on Facebook all the time To be able to post their pictures check who is doing what and follow the celebrities has become an obsession with the current generation They are constantly checking others posts as well as posting updates about themselves To not be on Facebook like the millennials would say is major FOMO Fear of Missing OutWhatsappAccording to Statista as of October 2018 15 billion people were using the Whatsapp app every month This makes it the most popular messenger app on Android phones It is not an inbuilt app and can be downloaded from the Play Store App It is generally used by people for sending quick messages or for having long chats with their friends and family One can also make a group and add a few members there and can regularly chat and discuss various topics with them For instance if you make a family group and add all your family members there you can easily stay in touch with all of them through that group You can send pictures music files do video chats and much more on it For business purposes also Whatsapp has proven to be a great boon The business owner and the employees can always stay connected through Whatsapp so that no one misses an important message or notificationInstagramInstagram is easily one of the most used Android applications with the younger generation According to Statista by June 2018 Instagram was used by around 1 billion people which is quite a progress from 800 million in September last year Instagram is used by teens more than Facebook or Twitter It is mostly a photo sharing app where you can share all your pictures Over the years Instagram has become a platform for all kinds of businesses For instance if you are into selling house decor items you can easily promote those on Instagram by sharing pictures and other information Whether you are a foodie or someone who has an interest in beauty and makeup if you have the talent for it you can become an influencer on Instagram In todays day and age becoming an Instagram influencer can be quite a lucrative professionTwitterTwitter was one of the first popular social media sites in the world According to Statista by the second quarter of 2018 Twitter was used by around 335 million people on a daily basis which makes it one of the top apps for Android It allows you to make a post within 140 characters In India Twitter is the most widely used social media site among celebrities For a long time Amitabh Bachchan was the most followed Indian celebrity on Twitter But now he has been surpassed by PM Narendra Modi and Shahrukh Khan Candy Crush SagaCandy Crush Saga is one of the most played games on Android phones It is not inbuilt but can be downloaded from the App Store According to Android Headlines Candy Crush Saga had around 21 million players on Android phones by September 2018 It was first introduced six and a half year back and since then its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds The game is basically about matching candies with the same colours for which the player gets points For its popularity the game was featured in PSYs music video as well as several TV showsNetflixNetflix is a streaming device which just like a television channel has a number of TV shows movies documentaries etc It was launched in India in 2016 and since then has become a major source of entertainment for the masses According to Statista by the third quarter of 2018 Netflix had around 137 million subscribers around the world Some of the most popular shows of Netflix are Stranger Things Narcos House of Cards and The Crown In 2018 the first Indian series on Netflix called Sacred Games was released It was highly appreciated for its content direction and performancesSnapchatSnapchat is an app where one can share pictures videos messages with others but these stay there only for a short period of time not permanently unlike other social media apps According to Statista by the third quarter of 2018 Snapchat had around 186 million users on a daily basis A report in Daily Mail UK from August 2018 states that Snapchat is most likely to overtake Facebook in terms of its reach among the teens and those in their early 20s Snapchat has various attractive features like adding quirky filters to pictures sharing stories through pictures and videos which are now being emulated by other apps as wellDropboxDropbox is a storage service app where one can store all of their important files by dragging those into a folder While it gives you 2 GB of storage space for free if you want more there are payment plans available According to Cloudwards Dropbox along with Google Drive are two of the most popular cloud storage devices with Dropbox still leading the way Dropbox is used for personal as well as business purposes All you need is an internet connection and you can log in and view your files from anywhere in the worldFlipboardFlipboard is an app which provides you with all the latest news based on your interest It is like a customized magazine which will only show you things that you prefer According to an article on CMS WIRE Flipboard has more than 145 million monthly users and can be easily downloaded from any app store With Flipboard it has become easier for people to stay in touch with all the trending topics It allows you to flip through different stories and on the basis of which story you like it will show you the future stories.

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Facebook, YouTube or Instagram: Which Are the Most Used Android Applications of 2018?

In the last decade of unprecedented technological advancement in India, a small device with numerous abilities called smartphone has completely taken over our busy lives. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning till the time we sleep, we are all increasingly getting addicted to our …

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