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Financial Planning is important for Every aspect of life and therefore you must know everything about it.

Bhavna Singhal

@ @marketing | Posted 05 Dec, 2018 | Finance

Posted By: Bhavna Singhal (Posted 25 Feb, 2019)

5 Steps To Getting a Business Loan Without Any Problems

A business loan becomes necessary when you want your business to run smoothly without any interruptions. The loan gives you the required funds to expand your business, meet its production demand and also for the everyday operations. Banks and non-banking financial companies offer attractive and …

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Kerala Holiday Club

Top 5 Reasons You Must Visit in Kerala | Keral Tour Package | Kerala Holiday ClubKerala is perhaps India’s true all year destination. But here are Top 5 very good reasons to go there while the weather is still in a good mood 😊, making it the best time to go kerala after lockdown.1. The backwaters 🌊.2. Wildlife and bird watching 🐦.3. Tour the spice, coffee and tea plantations ☕.4. Rich art and cultural heritage.5. Rejuvenate and relax with Ayurveda 🧘.——————————————————📸 Follow 💯: Kerala Holiday Club🌐 Website:

Sandy Blair

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Posted By: Bhavna Singhal (Updated 19 Feb, 2019)

All About Personal Loan Guarantors

A personal loan is an unsecured loan which offers you an option to get the funds without keeping any collateral or security. But in some cases, the financial institutions might ask you for a guarantor before they approve your application. So, if you are planning to be one of those guarantors, there …

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Posted By: Bhavna Singhal (Updated 21 Jan, 2019)

Benefits of Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is an important tool of retirement planning. The tax-free interest and the maturity ensure good growth of your money. Both the employee and the employer contribute an equal amount towards savings that can be availed on retirement. As per the EPF Act, 12% of an …

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Cynthia Trent

I made a final settlement claim in my current company after claim settlement I transferred the money from my old company to current company because my bank account was not in my old company after the money comes in the current company I again applied for final settlement but that rejected reasons of rejections showing already settled no how can i withdraw my money from my current company.

Posted By: Bhavna Singhal (Posted 24 Dec, 2018)

Fastest And Secure Ways To improve Credit Score

Having a good credit score is necessary if you are thinking of applying for a loan anytime soon or in the near future. Lenders require you to have a score of 650 or more to be eligible to apply and avail any loan. But what if your credit score is low and not up to the standard?

Well, there are ways …

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Posted By: Bhavna Singhal (Posted 14 Dec, 2018)

Different Ways to Get a Personal Loan

In case you are getting married, facing huge medical bills or trying to repay your outstanding debts, you may think of applying for a personal loan from a number of financial institutions available in the market. When you get a personal loan, you will get a huge amount, and then spend a set amount …

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Posted By: Bhavna Singhal (Posted 05 Dec, 2018)

Winter season is here: Top Destinations in India to Travel in Winter

Winter is around the corner and it’s time to pack your bags and move out to experience the chill. Coupled with the right number of holidays and string of festivals, it is the perfect season to travel in India. Those searching for places to visit in India this winter will be left in dilemma, owing …

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