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Gender Equality and Temples in India

No matter how much underprivileged Indian women are how much patriarchal Indian society is and how much misogyny is practiced in India when it comes to tradition gender discrimination is not just onesided You know only of Sabarimala temple which doesnt allow women to enter but there are many temples in India which dont allow men to enter their premises.

Meetali Asiwal

@ Thinker | Posted 02 Jan, 2019 | Current Topics

Posted By: Meetali Asiwal (Updated 02 Jan, 2019)

Temples in India Where Men are Not Allowed to Enter

We all know the ruckus Sabarimala verdict has caused on social, religious, and traditional front. Barring of women to enter Lord Ayappa’s temple, Supreme Court outlawing this traditional practice, and finally, people opposing the verdict is still stirring the political and social environment on …

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