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Girliyapa is India's leading Women Centric channel for entertainment that celebrates relatable, Real, funny & interesting stories about Women, which probably has never been told. Because everything about girls is Not From Venus!

Raashi Mishra

@ Student - Gargi College | Posted 24 Jun, 2018 | Entertainment / Lifestyle

Posted By: Raashi Mishra (Updated 24 Jun, 2018)

New TVF video ‘Girliyapa’ misses the point about lechery

A satire about two women who want to be cat-called falls flat.

If you’re a woman living in India, there’s no doubt you’ve had a fair share of creeps staring you down in the local train, or standing too close at the bus stop, or checking you out shamelessly. And you don’t need to be typically …

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rajuk khana

I have seen the main topic here as it lets us know about Girliyapa for good. We can still hope that assignment planet reviews are really there so maybe it was really there in need of that so maybe we all would love to fix this for them in the following years of our research.

Sumil Yadav

well explained .

Rohit Valiyan

There are many other social issues that are being ridiculed in the name of black humor and feminism is just one of them.

Ambrish Singh