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How Android Has Made Our Millennial Lives Better

The way Android has taken over our lives in the last ten years its hard to imagine a time when there was no Android or when there no smartphones We practically depend on our mobiles for everything right from the time we get up till we go to sleep The world for us has been reduced to the size of our smartphones and we love the fact that we have all the information that we need at the tip of our fingers But before we tell you how Android has revolutionised our millennial lives you need to know what Android is For those who do not already know Android developed by Google is an operating system meant for mobiles and tablets According to CNN Business the first Android phone by Google was announced on September 23 2008 Today after ten years Android is a tech giant with over two billion active users monthly and has become the bestselling operating system for both smartphones and tablets Now let us discuss some of the ways in which Android has actually changed our lives 1It has made smartphones available for everyone not only for the rich Before Android came into being the only smartphone available was Blackberry which was quite expensive and was meant to be used only by the rich Similarly Androids biggest competitor in the market iOS can hardly be afforded by the humble However when it comes to Android there are phones available from the range of as low as 4000 to as high as 50000 So whether you come from a middleclass family or from the higher strata of the society Android is meant for everyone 2It has brought internet to our phones Remember those times when we had to log in on our laptops to even access Facebook for five minutes Seems aeons ago now isnt it That is what Android has done for us It has brought internet down to our phones and has made it accessible in the easiest of ways So whether we have to connect with someone or download anything we no longer have to look for our laptops or PCs With internet available 247 we have become a lot more social media savvy and never fail to update our special moments on Instagram or Snapchat3The apps have made our lives easier Before Android there was no Play Store in our phones With Play Store we can download various apps according to our needs These apps have made life much easier for us For instance there are health apps fitness apps camera filter apps food apps and a lot more Now we dont have to rush for every little thing anymore We can do everything right from the comfort of our homes If we want to order food food apps like Swiggy and Uber Eats are available If we want to buy clothes apps like Myntra and Jabong are there With all of these apps available on the Android nothing seems difficult or timeconsuming any longer 4With Android entertainment never stops There was a time when we had to look for entertainment on television or at most we had to go to the movies But today thanks to Android we have entertainment available for us throughout day and night There are countless entertaining videos on the internet which we can download any time We can watch TV play games read books and do almost anything on this little device called a smartphone There is literally no dull moment with Android and smartphones around 5Bye Bye SMS Packs Welcome Messenger Around ten years back message packs were the biggest rage Everyone used to have those packs on their phones and chat with their friends all day and all night long However with Android those have become a thing of the past The preferred choice for chatting today is WhatsApp It gives a much better experience than the message packs with the emoticons and everything Also its free And you can send pictures share music videos with your friends and family Other popular messaging apps are Facebook Messenger WeChat Skype and Viber6The inbuilt Google app with Android phones is a Godsend The inbuilt Google app that comes with Android phones is a solution to all our problems It is like six apps in one So whether you want to search something on Google or you need to watch a video on YouTube its all just a tap away Also with Google Maps you dont have the fear of getting lost anymore no matter where you go You can always find your way back7Android got us touchscreen and bigger screen phones It would be wrong to say that before Android there were no touchscreen phones There were obviously but compared to Android there were very few Android has made touchscreen phones a staple today There are touchscreen phones available for as low as 4000 rupees So anyone can afford a touchscreen phone today Also before Android the phone screens were much smaller Android brought in the trend of big screen phones with the average phone size being 55 inches now This has made our mobile experience so much bigger and better We can comfortably watch movies and other videos on our phones now In fact going by what Android had done Apple finally had to get bigger screens as well 8Android can help you make money With all of its features and benefits Android can also help you make a lot of money Yes you heard it right What one needs to do is just create an Android app and put an application for the Adsense programme which will in turn show ads on your app and you shall be able to earn money from that This might look difficult in the beginning but isnt so at all And once you get the hang of it you shall definitely be able to make money a lot of it.

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How Android Has Made Our Millennial Lives Better!

The way Android has taken over our lives in the last ten years, it’s hard to imagine a time when there was no Android or when there no smartphones. We practically depend on our mobiles for everything, right from the time we get up till we go to sleep. The world for us has been reduced to the …

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