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Human Capital Management

Human capital management is a set of practices and techniques, which organization use to meticulously improve recruiting, management and of course performance of employees.

Pradip Mohapatra

@ @letsuser | Posted 06 Oct, 2018 | Education

Posted By: Pradip Mohapatra (Updated 03 Jun, 2019)

Tomorrow’s CHROs Will Be Career HR Professionals

A research by Aon Hewitt reveals that more than half of the CHROs are not at all career HR professionals. It is evident that having five generations all in one workplace altogether creates a different work environment. As we encounter such changes, professionals from the HR field will now have to …

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Posted By: Pradip Mohapatra (Posted 06 Oct, 2018)

How Gamification Strategies Help In Corporate Learning?

One of the challenges a chief learning officer face is how to keep the corporate training engaging and effective? Corporate training along with learning development of the workforce, are the two biggest challenges of a chief learning officer. And since it is the world of online games, it is not …

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Posted By: Pradip Mohapatra (Posted 06 Oct, 2018)

Human Capital Management – What You Should Know

As an HR professional, you must be aware that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. And if they are not managed alias – not engaged, not motivated or not encouraged might just up and leave your organization for greener pastures.

And this is where you need to bring back …

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Ajay Paswan

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