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Updated educational informationWidely acclaimed as Indias premier mass communication college Symbiosis Centre for Media Communication SCMC has been successful in carving a niche for itself in the field of media and communication education since its inception in 2008SCMC is a department of Symbiosis International University SIU under the Faculty of Media Communication FoMC SIU was established under section 3 of the UGC Act 1956 by notification NoF9122001U3 Government of India and has been accredited by NAAC with A Grade.

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@ Blogger | Posted 30 Apr, 2019 | Education

Posted By: scmc Pune (Posted 2 Hours ago)

Soft skills you will learn in BA in Mass Communication

If you are aspiring to be a journalist, you need to learn specific soft skills to succeed in this role. These skills will not only help you improve as a journalist but also make you stand out from the rest. So, if you are wondering where you can learn them, we have picked out the perfect course for …

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Posted By: scmc Pune (Posted 29 May, 2019)

3 areas of journalism you can choose to work in

Journalism is a vast field, which encompasses different areas. A lot of them might interest you but narrowing down on one can seem a little confusing. This is why journalism colleges in India ensure students learn about the various areas of journalism in-depth. This can help them in discovering …

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Posted By: scmc Pune (Updated 28 May, 2019)

5 job profiles BMM students can take up

Bachelor in Mass Media is a 3-year undergraduate course, that teaches you about the different channels of communication used by the masses such as newspapers, television, radio, and internet. Possessing this knowledge enables you to work in fields like advertising, journalism, PR, television and …

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Posted By: scmc Pune (Posted 27 May, 2019)

5 skills you will learn in BA in mass communication

If you want to have a successful career in journalism, it is important to exhibit certain skills in this field. These skills will help you succeed in this field. Some of them might come naturally to you, while some of them you learn in your graduation course. One such course is BA in mass …

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Posted By: scmc Pune (Posted 23 May, 2019)

3 niche subjects you will learn during your BA in Mass communication

If you are interested in a career in journalism, then BA in Mass Communication is just for you. From reporting and editing news items to communicating with the audience, you will learn all the major aspects of journalism in this course. It is one of the reasons why aspiring journalists enrol …

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Posted By: scmc Pune (Posted 24 Apr, 2019)

5 signs that indicate your interest in Journalism

A career in Journalism is nothing short of an adventure. You get to visit many cities and countries to cover various stories, ranging from the launch of a product to a major sports event. You couldn’t be any prouder knowing that your story acts as a source of information to the thousands of …

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Posted By: scmc Pune (Posted 24 Apr, 2019)

5 best jobs for mass communication graduates

The best colleges for mass communication in India teach students about spreading important information through mass media with great speed. With the rise of social media, communicating to a wider audience has become much more easier.

As the name suggests, the job pertaining to this field will …

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Posted By: scmc Pune (Posted 05 Apr, 2019)

An overview of Bachelors in mass media

Given the increasing popularity of careers in journalism and advertising, more and more students are opting for Bachelors in mass media. But what exactly does this program teach you? Keep reading to find out.

What is Bachelors in mass media

Bachelors in mass media or BMM is a 3-year undergraduate …

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