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SIOM Nashik mba in operation management

Welcome to the Technology and Operations Management area of Symbiosis International Deemed University Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management SIOM Nasik under the gamut of Symbiosis is a sui generis institution which aims at providing world class education in Operations Management Founded on the vision of Promoting international understanding through quality education SIOM imparts value based educational skills which chisels engineers into outstanding business techno professionals atop the current competitive markets SIOM is Indias only Institute dedicated to Operations Management constituted with a vision of Empowering and Leading Operations Excellence.

SIOM Nashik

@ Blogger | Posted 19 Sep, 2019 | Education

Posted By: SIOM Nashik (Posted 10 Oct, 2019)

The Fundamentals You Must Know About Six Sigma

You must have heard that Six Sigma Certification is a crucial part of the curriculum when you pursue Operations management in MBA. Let's apprehend the fundamentals of Six Sigma with this blog.

Six sigma is famous for its learnings of quality management approach that benefits an organization or …

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Posted By: SIOM Nashik (Posted 24 Sep, 2019)

All You Must-Know About MBA in Operations

Any graduate looking to pursue a management degree gets multiple alternatives to take up as specialization, including Operation Management. If you’re one such individual, who is confused with the enigma of pursuing an MBA in operations or worried about the future scope in Operation management; …

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Posted By: SIOM Nashik (Posted 19 Sep, 2019)

Career Options After MBA in operations management

Operation Management specialization in an MBA course deals with planning, supervising, and organizing in the context of manufacturing, production or the provision of services. It can be understood as a delivery focused management of all the inputs and outputs of an organization efficiently and …

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