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Sphinx Worldbiz is an Indiabased IT Solutions Services provider which offers customized applications mobility eCommerce portals ERP solutions software migration systems integration and a host of other IT service requirements across verticals to its global clientele.

Aarushi Sharma

@ Business Consultant | Posted 12 Sep, 2019 | Science & Technology

Posted By: Aarushi Sharma (Posted 10 Oct, 2019)

AI And Customer Experience- All Set To Overtake Human-To-Human Conventional Interactions

85% of customer interactions will be accomplished without a human by 2020, as suggested by a recently conducted Gartner study. AI has incredibly given a new meaning to the relationship between technology and its application by humans. Siri and Alexa have become almost redundant in every piece …

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Posted By: Aarushi Sharma (Posted 09 Oct, 2019)

What to Look for in Vendors Offering Software Development Outsourcing

Days are long gone when companies would hire skilled work forces from within a limited geographic radius. Thanks to the introduction of internet and smart technologies that companies regardless their size can find wide talent pool from around the world without investing much. According to a 2018 …

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Posted By: Aarushi Sharma (Posted 03 Oct, 2019)

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionising Rapid Prototyping

Artificial Intelligence is all pervasive today! It can be seen in everyday engineering as well. AI is rapid prototyping. Data-oriented decision making and seamless testing are two of the lucrative features that have been infused in the product prototyping process with the help of AI. The coming …

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Posted By: Aarushi Sharma (Posted 01 Oct, 2019)

How to Combat Top Cloud Security Threats Because Data is Asset

Cloud security breach has led many companies such as Facebook, British Airways, Shein.com, Cathay Pacific and Chegg to suffer compromise on customer and user data, which has shackled their customer/consumer base and caused trust issues. According to recent research conducted by ForcePoint, only 7% …

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Posted By: Aarushi Sharma (Posted 27 Sep, 2019)

Applications of Lifecycle Management

Enterprises are not only focused on the end result, the product, today, they are equally interested and stay involved at every step of the production and want the service providers to be open to the same. Hence the concept of Software Lifecycle Management was born.

Outsourcing product …

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Posted By: Aarushi Sharma (Posted 26 Sep, 2019)

Negative Effects of Artificial Intelligence

 None of the modern technologies are completely devoid of some negatives to its applications. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a classic case of technology in jeopardy where a lot of ill-effects and apprehensions keep doing rounds. There are two opposition groups- one in appreciation who …

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Posted By: Aarushi Sharma (Updated 25 Sep, 2019)

Major Components of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence aka AI has become such an interesting topic for the IT experts and data engineers that almost everyone is talking about it and the ones still not talking about it, will do so in no time. Although AI as technology is essentially in its Narrow stage which is the first stage …

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Posted By: Aarushi Sharma (Posted 24 Sep, 2019)

Why do we need Artificial Intelligence?

We are living in the age of rapid population growth leading to demand and supply chain. The technology therefore needs a kick every now and then. Technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) – a branch of AI prove to be useful in supporting humans and dedicated human …

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Posted By: Aarushi Sharma (Posted 17 Sep, 2019)

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or more commonly called acronym- AI, is an advanced technology wherein machines can perform human-like activities and daily tasks with the help of computerized learning and comprehending abilities. To put it simply, AI is a computer technology which does tasks for humans in …

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Posted By: Aarushi Sharma (Posted 12 Sep, 2019)

Reasons for Surging Demand of Software Development Outsourcing

IT companies have ideas and capital to invest. But more often than not all have expertise, teams or know-how. That is when outsourcing becomes a prerequisite. Software development outsourcing has allowed businesses to hire expert staff from halfway around the world and at unusually lower costs. …

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