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Almost everything around in environment we live our day to day life is a gift of technology and no one can imagine their lives without most of the things that we are habitual of However as much good as the technology offers to us and good it does to mankind but we cannot deny the fact and knowledge that what bad it has done to us our surroundings and our habits.

Pratik Jain

@ pratik-jain=11724 | Posted 12 Jun, 2019 | Science & Technology

Posted By: Pratik Jain (Posted 12 Jun, 2019)

Technology: A Boon to the Mankind?

Technology: A Boon to the Mankind?

While technology has been good and bad both for the world. Well, there has been debate on it from a long time. The continuous usage of technology in advancing the products, equipment etc. It has led to drastic rise in pollution which is the reason behind …

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