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The Trending Mobile Games of 2018

With the rise of smartphones in the last decade mobile gaming has become the favourite pastime of the millennial generation Everyone knows about Candy Crush Saga Everyone knows about Pokemon Go They also know how addictive these mobile games are which explains why even kids are constantly on phones these days When people are not working or not doing social media networking they are mostly busy trying to go up levels in these mobile games While they still do use laptops or PCs for playing mobiles have become a much more comfortable option as they are more compact and can be carried anywhere Now let us have a look at the most played mobile games of 2018 in random order PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile is undoubtedly the hottest game of the season It was launched in the year 2017 and soon made it to mobiles from computers While the PC version costs money the mobile one is completely free The game is mostly about a number of fighters battling it out until there is only one winner While some features of the game that are there on the computer version are missing in the mobile one the fun element is still there Also most of the elements of the original game such as all the original weapons are still intact Fortnite Battle Royale Just like PUBG Fortnite Battle Royale was also released for computers first and then adapted for mobiles The game consists of around 100 players playing usually onetoone or with two or three players each They need to find weapons and other resources while fighting it out with the other players for their lives While the game doesnt look as attractive on a mobile as on a PC the little indicator which shows the direction of the gunfire is a good addition The PC is still without a doubt the better option for playing the game but those who want to play it anywhere anytime the mobile version is the way to go Altos Adventure Altos Adventure is a snowboarding game where the player while moving through beautiful landscapes has to complete certain goals There are altogether 180 of those goals The game has stunning visuals and a fine background score which make it even more appealing It has been appreciated right from the beginning for its eyecatching look Altos Adventure was originally released for only IOS devices but later in 2016 it was released on Android as well Minecraft Pocket EditionMinecraft a sandbox video game was released in the year 2011 It was originally meant for PC but later made its transition to mobile phones which came to be known as the Minecraft Pocket Edition The game is basically about building blocks in a 3D world with no particular goals to chase Thus it gives the players a lot of freedom and also requires a great deal of creativity from them Over the years the game has become extremely popular and has won awards as well According to Wikipedia by the middle of 2018 it had 91 million active players monthly Pro Evolution Soccer 2018Pro Evolution Soccer has been a popular choice with the soccer fans for a long time now While it was released on computers years back recently a mobile version has always been adapted for Android and iOS According to Wikipedia there were more than 150 million downloads of this game by August 2018 It has always received excellent reviews from critics and has been seen as a benchmark for other sport video games to match Clash of Clans Clash of Clans is a mobile game which was initially released on iOS devices and later on Android in 2013 It is a multiplayer game where players from various clans fight it out amongst themselves to gain currencies namely gold elixir dark elixir and gems which help them to build their town Over the years it has become one of the top grossing apps on Google Play as well as App Store It has generally received favourable reviews from critics with a score of 80 on GameRankings Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga is an immensely popular game which was released in the year 2012 for Facebook and later on for Android iOS and Windows It is basically a matching game where the players have to match candies of the same colour A match of three candies gets them removed and new candies fall into their places As the players keep matching these candies they gain points and go up the levels The game has garnered positive reviews throughout and because of its massive popularity has become a part of pop culture According to Wikipedia after 5 years of being released on mobiles Candy Crush Saga has had over 27 billion downloads and is one of the highest grossing and most played games of all time Pokemon GoPokemon Go had become an obsession with the masses in 2016 the same year it was released It is a game where the players track virtual creatures through GPS and these creatures called Pokemon seem like they are in the real world even though they are not While it is not as crazy popular now as it was in 2016 it is still one of the most played games out there According to Wikipedia as of May 2018 it has 147 million users on a monthly basis Also Wikipedia states that the total amount grossed by the game has been around 201 billion as of September 2018 NOVA LegacyNOVA Legacy is a successor of NOVA an adventure game originally introduced on the iOS devices but later released on Android as well in 2017 NOVA is basically a shooter who has to fight against alien enemies called Xenos The storyline is inspired from other scifi characters and movies NOVA has received positive reviews from the critics and has a score of 94100 on MetacriticVainglory Vainglory is a mobile game for both iOS and Android devices based on the MOBA genre It is a battle game where the players of two opposing parties fight to wipe out the enemys base The game has been praised for its design and graphics but has received mixed reviews for lacking team communication features Vainglory was also named as the best iOS game of 2014 by The Guardian .

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The Trending Mobile Games of 2018!

With the rise of smartphones in the last decade, mobile gaming has become the favourite pastime of the millennial generation. Everyone knows about Candy Crush Saga. Everyone knows about Pokemon Go. They also know how addictive these mobile games are, which explains why even kids are constantly on …

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