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A mistake in ones thought processes a mental lapse or failure to reason correctly.

Swapnil Jukunte

@ Blogger | Posted 13 Feb, 2019 | Current Topics

Posted By: Swapnil Jukunte (Posted 11 Jun, 2019)

Sway Away the Stress in the Beautifully Crafted Swings

Swings are becoming an essential part of home furnishing. This beautiful piece of furniture is versatile, and lots of people are equipping their houses with it. It not only adds class to the home decor but also has quite a few utilities. Moreover, this furniture can be used for outdoor as well as …

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Posted By: Swapnil Jukunte (Posted 20 Mar, 2019)

Origin and History of Gold Mangalsutra: Things You Should Know

Some ornaments hold a pivotal role in a married woman’s life, mangalsutras being one of them. The word ‘mangal’ means sacred, and ‘sutra’ means thread.

Gold mangalsutra plays a significant part in an Indian bride’s life. It is accepted as the most auspicious piece of ornament in Indian …

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Posted By: Swapnil Jukunte (Posted 18 Feb, 2019)

How Corporate Development Training Leads to More Employee Retention?

One of the primary aims of any organisation is to retain employees regardless of the cost. You must ensure that they stay in your organisation for more extended periods. Employee retention is critical because your overall business operations depend on it.

If one person in your workforce quits, you …

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Posted By: Swapnil Jukunte (Posted 13 Feb, 2019)

3 Branding Mistakes That Can Set Your Company Back by Years

Branding, as a subject, is often confused with marketing and advertising. It has led to a massive misunderstanding of the subject and how it impacts a company. As a result, branding blunders are not all that uncommon. Even the big companies occasionally get it wrong. Some of these mistakes are …

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