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When a girl doubts you don’t take it personally. It isn’t so much you, she is doubting, it’s everyone else in her past who has taught her she has to be guarded and she has to look out for herself.

Raashi Mishra

Raashi Mishra

@ Student - Gargi College | Posted 28 Jun, 2018 | Others

Posted By: Raashi Mishra (Posted 28 Jun, 2018)

This Is How You Love A Girl Who Doubts Everyone

Know she’s going to be blunt and forward AF

When you come across a girl who doubts people she’s learned to say exactly things as they are because a lot of people haven’t and deceived her. She won’t do that to anyone and she won’t let people do it to her. What might come across as coming …

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user Amayra Badoni

everyone should read this .

user Rohit Valiyan

Completely agreed. One should provide her the space to find herself even if that demands a little bit of distancing.

user Ambrish Singh

Yeah, u r right...

user Kim Chauhan

Loved these line.... so true Know she has a really good heart people have taken advantage of She’s watched as people have completely walked