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In this blog I will be putting forward my thoughts regarding various issues However mostly my take will be on the recent issues that have been the burning issues throughout the world This blog poses no offence against any individual or community.

Siddhi Agarwal

@ @student | Posted 10 Mar, 2019 | Others

Posted By: Siddhi Agarwal (Posted 31 Mar, 2019)

The Story of The Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize has acquired the tag of being the most prestigious prize in whatever field it is awarded. The fields in which it is awarded are: Peace, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and economics. The first awards were presented in 1901 but not in all the categories. This …

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Posted By: Siddhi Agarwal (Posted 24 Mar, 2019)

India and Pakistan - Not so Glorious Friendships

India and Pakistan, two countries at constant war since decades, are still unable to find a solution to their long, tedious and costly conflicts. These conflicts that are not a new thing to both the nations do not seem to come to an end any soon. Let’s look at the histories and prospective …

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Posted By: Siddhi Agarwal (Posted 10 Mar, 2019)


Racism, a word we see in newspaper almost daily. But what does racism mean, why is it a problem, where does it occur the most, these are the general questions asked by people. In today's post i will be answering these questions and shedding my thoughts on this topic.

Racism , prejudice, …

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