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7 tips to get more things done

7 tips to get more things done

Preeti Taneja

@ Entrepreneur | Posted 01 Jun, 2018 | Health & beauty

Posted By: Preeti Taneja (Updated 01 Jun, 2018)

7 Tips To Turn Yourself Into A Beast And Get More Things Done Every Day

They say don’t strive to work harder, strive to work smarter. And it’s as true as it gets!

In multiple studies, it was found that productivity sharply falls after 50 hours of work every week. And it slides down even more dramatically if one works more than 55 hours per week.

Also, one of these studies concluded that an employee working for 70 hours produces nothing more than a person who’s working for 55 hours.

And you thought working longer will get you more things done?

So if you're really looking to add productivity , don't measure your hard work in terms of of hours you have put in.... but rather factor your efficiency - were you optimally efficient all the while ? 

However, all that being said, one simply cannot undermine the fact that some people are compulsively lethargic. 6 hours or 60 hours, they always remain low on energy and productivity.

If that sounds someone like you, here 7 powerful tips that will improve your mental (and physical) stamina, turn you into a beast and push you to get more things done every day:

1.  Get up early every morning

You’ve been told this time and again that you’re basically bored of it by now. But if you want to get more things done, it is imperative that you get up early every day and handle menial tasks at the earliest, like replying to email and cleaning your house. Once you’re done with these small things, you will feel much more organized with the entire day lying ahead of you to work on more important things.

2.  Workout and meditate every day

This is not optional. Working out every day is almost essential. When you exercise, your body releases “feel-good hormones”, which go on to energize you for the whole day, ensuring you’re high on enthusiasm and positive thoughts throughout. So get up early every day and meditate and exercise.

3.  Go on a protein-rich diet

Indian foods aren’t known to be rich in protein, an important component in every diet that not only provides you high energy but also helps you stay in shape. So it is important that you proactively in-take protein. Start by eating eggs every day. They are the cheapest source of protein. Next, invest in some protein bars, drinks, and whey powders. These days, online platforms like MuscleBlaze have made it pretty easy and affordable to shop for a protein-rich diet.

4.  Mingle with nature

Nature is the best medicine to all your problems. Feeling down, stressed, in depression or, at large, feeling stuck in life? Go out of your home, walk under the blue sky, let the sunlight caress your cheeks, birds chirp a beautiful tune and wind hug you – it’s the best therapy that assures to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to work for more hours productively.

5.  Prioritize Your Daily Tasks And Activities

Many of us spend a large part of our days doing things that aren’t even that important. And at the end, we’re left with no time to do things that are significant. To counter this big challenge, prioritize your daily tasks and activities according to what’s more important and require more of your time, and what are the things that you can do later. When you have your priorities right, you would end up being extremely productive.

6.  STOP when it’s getting hard to concentrate

This is something extremely common that majority of people do. Even when they find it difficult to concentrate, they continue doing the task, hoping to finish it successfully. This is a flawed approach. See, when you’re tired and can’t concentrate properly, your efficiency level tanks. And when that happens, you take 4 hours doing a thing that you could have easily completed in just 1 hour were you productive. So if focusing gets difficult, stop doing what you’re doing and put your attention to something totally different. Play games, go out for a walk or take a power nap. After a small break, get back to what you were doing. You would be more productive.

7.  Close the day early

To wake up early, you must go to bed early. So close your day early—and do it properly. Switch off your phone and all the gadgets, make your room quiet and peaceful, take a bath before retreating to the bed, plan your next day, put up a soothing music, and ensure you’re completely relaxed when you sleep.

Doing these 7 things assure to push you to work for long hours and be more productive every day. So do them starting today and experience a change in your work, result and overall lifestyle yourself.