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Satindra Chauhan

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Can you ever get over a lingering grudge?


We as human beings are made of felt. These emotions rule our bodies. Grudge is one of these emotions. And it is natural if we hold grudges. We are all not the same, we are different in every aspect of life. So If one person can let go of things doesn't mean that the other person will have to do the same. But for mental health, it is said that holding onto something, especially a strong feeling of resentment can harm you mentally as well as physically.





 When we face something like someone hurting us and it is difficult to ignore or move past it and we keep on thinking about it over and over again. Holding on to these negative thoughts, and feelings can affect us emotionally and physically.


  According to researchers, holding on to grudges leads to poor physical health. People who are reported “bearing grudges for years” are more likely to have some medical issues like heart disease, stomach ulcers, and chronic pain. Holding grudges is another way to say holding stress and anger. It is said that anger and stress are associated with higher blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) reactions.

On the other hand, low-arousal positive emotions like calmness and serenity are associated with decreased blood pressure and heart rate reactions.

Holding on to grudges can lead to violence and aggressive and anxiety


post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

personality disorders

panic disorder



Yes, we can get over grudges. Meditation plays an important role as it reduces stress, manages anxiety, improves emotional health, and increases self-awareness. These practices can relax your mind and reduce your anger and stress. 

Getting the feelings out on paper can help us to take away these negative powers. Journalism is a safe space for you to let out your feelings, and no one gets to see it but you.


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