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Covid-19: UK reports 35,204 more Delta variant cases, investigates new Lambda variant


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This blog post is a how-to guide to the new variant of lambda, which is being investigated by UK scientists. We'll tell you all about the trials and tribulations of diagnosing this strain, and what we know so far about it. This blog post will be updated as we gather more information about this virus, so make sure to check back for updates!

Excitingly, a whole new type of disease has been discovered in the UK. The scientists over there are currently researching a form of lambda that they've dubbed the 'new strain'.

The cases in the United Kingdom have taken a long step in the chart with 35,204 cases within a week. The Health Official released their weekly report on Friday and as per that, there has been 46% increase in the cases. 

According to Public Health England, 95% of the delta variant has been spread in the whole United Kingdom which supposedly originated from India. According to the experts, both the dose of covid 19 vaccine is helpful in providing a good amount of protection from the variants spreading around. 

On 14 June, the World Health Organisation declared the new Lambda Variant a 'variant of interest'. Same as the United Kingdom has added another variant in the list which is Lambda on Wednesday. The United Kingdom has reported 6 new cases of Lambda till date. All these cases have been linked with overseas travelling history. 

As per the experts, till now there is no such cause which has been found which can predict that this variant, Lambda can be serious. The PHE has been running several tests on the Lambda variant to understand the causes and symptoms related to it.

June 21 has been seen as the day when 514 people got hospitalised and from which 304 were not vaccinated. This report gives the awareness to the people regarding the vaccination. Delta variant have been found very serious issue in most of the states of the United Kingdom. 


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