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Blogger | Posted 06 Nov, 2018 |

Do fashionable clothes really change the way a person looks?

Sanya Chopra

Makeup artist at Jawed Habib | Posted 07 Nov, 2018

Fashionable clothes really change the way a person looks. Imagine a scene where a person has approached you –one is wearing a fashionable clothes while another one is wearing some outdated outfit. You will form an opinion straightway for both of them, unless you are really a very high-thinker.

Apart from the kind of clothes people wear, how they carry them also matters a lot. I have seen women failing badly in their heel-game, while those wearing floaters or Kohlapuri chappals look damn cool!

Also, aren’t we all die-hard fans of Saree? Well, one reason of it is that it never goes out of style.

How you carry what you are wearing creates an aura around you, and they don’t always have to be fashionable clothes. This is the reason old fashion trends keep popping up again and again and people embrace them openly.
After all, anything can turn into fashion these days. If Zara can sell tattered rags for thousands in the name of fashion, anything can be turned into fashion. All it needs is confidence and followers.