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I have heard only of Shahid Afridi who faked his age. And I knew about it only recently when he revealed that in his book. (Courtesy: from him, I don’t know any particular... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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As a rule, the most clear indication that a fighter (or any contender) ought to resign is they lose the capacity to return from being punched. Punches, that they were already r ..Read More

By Anonymous

Its all because due condition nothing else. 


Why is it better to come third rather than second?

Anonymous | Posted 14 Jun, 2019

Your choices are: Make it the last… and lose. (silver) Make it the encouragement last… and win. (bronze) Bronze decorations are better since you can win them. How we outline the silver or bronze decoration will... Read More

By Anonymous

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