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First railway ran between which stations in India?


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Goods train

India's first rail line recommendations were made in Madras in 1832. The Red Hill Railway, the nation's first train, ran from Red Hills to Chintadripet connect in Madras in 1837. It was pulled by a turning steam-motor train fabricated by William Avery. Worked by Arthur Cotton, the rail route was basically used to move laterite stone for street building work in Madras. In 1845, the Godavari Dam Construction Railway was worked at Dowleswaram in Rajahmundry (south India). Additionally worked by Cotton, it provided stone for the development of a dam over the Godavari River.

On 8 May 1845, the Madras Railway was fused, followed that year by the East India Railway. On 1st August 1849, the Great Indian  Railway was fused by a demonstration of parliament. The "ensure framework", giving free land and an ensured five-percent pace of get back to private British organizations willing to construct railroads, was finished on 17 August 1849. In 1851, the Solani Aqueduct Railway was underlying Roorkee. It was pulled by the Thomason steam train, named after a British official accountable for that name. The railroad shipped development materials for a water system over the Solani River. 

Passenger train 

The country's first traveler train, which ran between Bombay's Bori Bunder station and Thane on 16 April 1853, was devoted by Lord Dalhousie. The 14-carriage train was pulled by three steam trains: the Sahib, Sindh, and Sultan. Voyaging 34 kilometers (21 mi), the train conveyed 400 individuals. The traveler line was assembled and worked by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR). It was inherent 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) expansive check, which turned into the country's norm for railroads.

In May 1854, the Bombay–Thane line was stretched out to Kalyan with the Thane viaducts over the Thane stream (India's first rail line spans). The 1st traveler train in quite a while ran from Howrah (close to Calcutta) to Hoogly, a distance of 24 miles (39 km), on 15 August 1854. The line was constructed and worked by the East Indian Railway Company (EIR).That year, the GIPR opened its first workshops in Byculla. In 1855, the Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railwa was incorporated.That August, the EIR Express and Fairy Queen steam trains were presented.

South India's first passenger  train ran from Royapuram–Veyasarapady to Wallajah Road in Arcot, a distance of 60 miles (97 kilo meter), on 1 July 1856. It was fabricated and worked by the Madras Railway. 



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