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How can one use WhatsApp to offer customer care?


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Like other social media Whatsapp can also be used to improve your business. Customer care and advertisement are the key works in developing a business. If your customer care is at its best then the success of your business is inevitable.

For using Whatsapp for customer care, you have to create Whatsapp business profile.  And you have to legitimize your business in Whatsapp. Don't post personal messages, broadcastings or forwarded messages in your business profile. Instead it should have your business address, phone numbers, website, open hours and other important information about your business.

Your messaging should be useful to the customers. It should contain when you will be available and when you will be away. By this the customers will be at peace as they know when to contact you or when can they receive replies.

Activate quick reply. This will automatically reply to customer's common questions and you can save and reuse the replies.

For setting up Whatsapp business profile :-

Download whatsapp business app. Then tap the menu button or 3 dots at the upper right corner of the app-> settings -> business settings-> profiles.

If you give a good try you may successful in customer care via Whatsapp.Letsdiskuss


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