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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted on | others

How can you improve your relationship with friends and family?


Thinker | Posted on

To improve relationships with friend and family, you need to give them time and stop ignoring them. We know that all of us are busy these days in our jobs and careers. People are getting more and more individualistic and they have given a rather low position to friends and family.

Just by giving time and letting them know that you are there for them, you can improve your relationships with friends and family.



Student (B.A(h) Philosophy, Content writer(Fashion and beauty) | Posted on

Relationships are an integral part of our life. We can not imagine our life without family and friends. It is very important to build strong relationships.

Several ways to build strong relationships are :

Talk to each other

Communication plays an integral part of of life.Specially in any kind of relationship. Without good communication no relationship can go far.Relationships built and grow with the communication as an important factor.

Spend Quality time :

Spending time with each other is also an integral part of relationship. These days i can see that mother- daughter, father-son, friends sitting together are mostly engaged in cell phone. They Neither talk to each other efficiently Nor do they spend the quality time.

Listen up :

Listen to each other’s views by giving more important to each other,because when two of you are sitting you should only give importance to each other. You should pay your full interest in each other. Respond to others carefully.

Open up:

Do not hide your feelings with each other. Share whatever you people want to tell each other despite of hiding them. Hide of feeling only lead to gap between the two.

Follow these ways to build strong relationships among you all.



Blogger | Posted on

Right off the bat don't lose your trustworthiness be whatever your are being straightforward may not bring you numerous yet is carries your best ones with those best ones you can keep up the great connections.. with the two loved ones …

A portion of the things to be looked after are

1.dont discussion behind about your companions or families this may harm your are relationship

2.never feel terrible about what they state to you they advise not for thinking little of you rather to energize you or right your imperfections

3.Don't feel about like for what reason are they not talking like before in light of the fact that each human has such huge numbers of issues so they might be disappointed .. so disregard them for some time and later go and to converse with them

4.every time don't tell about your own issues listen what they tell


blogger | Posted on


Most importantly spent some good quality of time with your family. Avoid negative discussions.