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Yash Surve

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How do you get rid of acne?


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Acne is caused by dead skin cells, excessive oil on face, inflammation, diet ,stress etc. Most of the people visit doctor but if you have normal acne then home remedies are the best option.Letsdiskuss

These are some tips to get rid of acne

1. Wash your face atleast two time a day.

2. Apply natural aloevera.

3. Tea tree oil , green tea 

4. Stop touching pimples

5. Stay hydrated

6. Cleanse your face with full skin care routine twice a week.



Student | Posted on

1.Use green tea to the skin. 
2.Moisturize with aloe vera.
3.Take a fish oil supplement.
4.Apply apple cider vinegar.
5.Exercise regularly.

This are the basic steps which you can use to get rid from acne.Letsdiskuss


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