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How to Manage High Anger Situation


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Let’s start with this:

Anger isn’t necessarily a bad thing… if you can channel it in the right way.

For example, some people get angry and get into troubles. But there are also those who use that emotion to build themselves into a success. There are MANY, MANY such success stories.

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So, I am glad you asked "how to manage high anger situation" and NOT, like many people do, "how to stop anger".

Now, here's a thing to note: SOME PEOPLE HAVE ANGER ISSUES.  

It's not really the "situation" as your question suggests. It's that individual herself/himself.

These people get triggered even on the silliest and simplest of things. So, the best thing that they can do is seek counseling.

People with anger issues must take help from a professional therapist. It is one of the most effective and simplest ways to learn to manage your anger. Yes, some of the online articles on how to manage anger are quite good. However, when you’re dealing with (passive) anger issues, working on those tips is quite difficult. You’re more reluctant to take the necessary steps. This is where having a professional by your side, guiding and assisting you through every step becomes quite important and effective.

So, the person in question must realize, whether she/he has serious anger issues. If yes, going to a therapist is the best idea.

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Coming to another version of the answer…

How people who don’t have anger issues can manage high anger situation?

Honestly, it's not easy. It's not a switch. The kind of change you're looking in you won’t be an event. It will happen out of a process.

So, the first thing you need to understand that learning how to manage anger won’t happen overnight. It will take time. And you must commit to that process by taking proactive measures.

For the starters, the best thing you can do is avoid such situations (or people) in the first place that triggers your anger. Don’t expose yourself to things that bring the worst inside you. (Of course, this is not universal for all. For example, if situations or people in your office get on your nerves, it's difficult to ignore them. BUT STILL, whenever you have the luxury of choice, avoid anything that gets you angry.)

Next, start meditating. This is a very basic and cliché tip. But in every literal sense, this can do wonders for you. Meditation will calm your mind, help you manage your thoughts properly, and have an overall positive outlook. So, take up meditation. Practice it for at least 15 minutes every day. In just about a couple of months, you will notice a very big difference.

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Exercising also helps. When you work out, it releases endorphins. And this chemical helps us feel positive and happier. This positive emotion will help you negate the negative ones, including anger.

Eating right also helps.

In short, your psychological health would only be as good as your physical health. So, if you're keeping yourself in good physical health, you will notice a large part of your thoughts completely optimistic.

Other definite measures you can take to manage anger include:

• Listen to soothing music that calms you down. If heavy metal and even EDM is your favorite, just stay away from them for the time being.
• Hang out with the right people. People who are positive.
• Connect with nature. There's something magical when you watch clouds, moon, breathe in the fresh air, walk barefoot on the green grass. It brings a serene feeling.

These are a few things that can help you manage anger.

Talking about how to manage anger "situation", as mentioned, the first thing you should do is avoid them.

Next, if you're in this situation, focus on other person's problems or perspective. When you deploy empathy (putting yourself in others' shoes), you get out of your own head, judge others less, and understand the situation on strict facts and not your "feelings".

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Take up empathy. Get your perspective right. (Does that situation really demands you to be angry? Most of the time the answer will be a BIG no.) It’s all in the head. How you see things matter the most. Some people can find certain situations comical and "it happens" -- others find it anger-worthy. So, a more holistic way to manage anger situation is to get your perspective correct.

Hope this answer added value to you. 


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