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In which order should you play the Fallout: New Vegas DLC?


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There are degree guidelines for every of the DLCs
  • Dead Money: 20
  • Honest Hearts
  • Old World Blues: 15
  • Lonesome Road: 25


In all of the DLCs, there are lots of items that you may want to accumulate and stats which you’ll want for speak.
For the order, I might suggest going inside the order of the extent recommendations
1. Honest Hearts
2. Old World Blues
3 .Dead Money
4 .Lonesome road

This all relies upon on what level your character is at.
One component to take into consideration is just that Dead money, unlike the alternative 3, you can not move back to after you have completed it. That way which you could want to be a excessive enough level with accurate stats before moving into so you can get the whole lot you want before you're finished. You will need stealth perks to help with your survival in the harsh environment you are added to. Perks like Scrounger, Silent walking, Light step, rad absorption could assist due to the small amounts of assets to be had. Having points invested in melee could assist unless you are clever with the ammo you have got found. I would say that light step is a should-have if you cross into this DLC, there are so many traps anywhere which you’d destroy your characters legs extra times than stimpacks you can find to restoration them.

Lonesome avenue has a recommended stage of 25 due to the fact there are tough enemies and lots of very excessive stat necessities with its talk. The enemies have sturdy weapons and plenty of the buildings that are locked require a hundred lockpicking ability to open.

Old World Blues is complete of laser guns and some right melee weapons, that isn't always to mention that there aren’t any guns. There are some excessive dialogues while speakme to the scientists, but otherwise the enemies are not difficult.

Honest Hearts has its personal proportion of excessive stage talk, however it is generally simpler. There are masses of ranger outposts that allows you to locate ammo and guns as well as caves with traps.

You can do these DLCs in any order you need to. If your man or woman is a excessive stage (25 or higher) then I would say to do them in any order you want as the problem shouldn’t display as plenty. If you made a new character, I might say to development through the DLCs as the extent tips move.


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