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What are some good dares for texting?


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Good dares even as texting in FB messenger, whatsapp and so on. You imply?
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  • Set your overwhelm’s photograph as your dp.
  • Give him/her a cellphone wide variety of a chum regarded to you however now not him/her.
  •  Ask them to flirt with her/him poorly in text and send screenshots of it to you. (Don't tell your buddy approximately it to use for destiny reference, are not I the exceptional?) Send a screenshot of your search records of ultimate 2 days. 

  • Send the 3rd(some other wide variety of your choice) picture of your gallery.

  • When and in which concern did you get the lowest marks ever? (That's each truth and dare.) Rate my attractiveness out of 10. Send your ugliest selfie. 
  • Text flirt after which send “I love you” to a a person already in a dating (now not married) and screenshot his/her reaction, see if he/she cheats. (A bit of version right here)
  • Send a romantic message to a person of your personal gender. Feed lower back results. ( advisable: you choose the romantic message to be dispatched)
  • Which superstar do you hate? Ans: XYZ. Set your dp as XYZ’s photo and standing as “I love XYZ” or “XYZ is splendid” or something of that line.
  • Send a video of you dancing.
  • And this one's I preferred. Send your atm pin.


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