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What are the top 10 MBA colleges in India?


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Top 10 Govt MBA Colleges in India 2021


1) Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA)
    Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    NIRF 2020 Ranking-1
    Fee (approx. in Rs.)-23,00,000

2) Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    NIRF 2020 Ranking-2
    Fee (approx. in Rs.)-23,00,000

3) Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC)
    Kolkata, West Bengal
    NIRF 2020 Ranking-3
    Fee (approx. in Rs.)-23,00,000

4) Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIML)
    Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
    NIRF 2020 Ranking-4
    Fee (approx. in Rs.)-19,00,000

5) Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITK)
    Kharagpur, West Bengal
    NIRF 2020 Ranking-5
    Fee (approx. in Rs.)-9,22,400

6) Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK)
    Kozhikode, Kerala
    NIRF 2020 Ranking-6
    Fee (approx. in Rs.)-19,00,000

7) Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIMIDR)
     Indore, Madhya Pradesh
     NIRF 2020 Ranking-7
     Fee (approx. in Rs.)-17,07,000

8)  Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)
     NIRF 2020 Ranking-8
     Fee (approx. in Rs.)-3,13,500

9)  Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)
     Mumbai, Maharashtra
     NIRF 2020 Ranking-11
     Fee (approx. in Rs.)-5,31,000

10)  Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR)
       Roorkee, Uttarakhand
       NIRF 2020 Ranking-12
       Fee (approx. in Rs.)-5,41,000


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