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Marisol Corazon

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What do you hate about Indian media?


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I don't discover anything amiss with Indian media and feel it's a scheme by envious outside media to censure Indian media.

Consistently, the Indian media has demonstrated it's fortitude and plastic. Actually, my chest expands proudly

At the point when I watch valiant Indian columnists taking a chance with their lives to explore the diaper size of Taimur.

At the point when I watch Zen level committed columnists edifying masses about Sridevi's passing from baths.

At the point when I watch columnists turned NASA researchers investigating whether outsiders drink cow milk or not.

At the point when I watch reporters enthusiastically talking about the verifiable centrality of Nagin move.

At the point when I watch Arnab Goswami preparing Indian grapplers in Republic Tv discusses.

When I watch fair columnists like Sudhir Chaudhary posing intense inquiries to PM, as - " Modi ji, why tune is so chocolaty?"


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That it only has one journalist like Ravish Kumar!


(Courtesy: Business Standard)

Seriously, in the past 5 years, the standards of Indian media has been dragged and dipped through the dirt. 90 percent of them (print and TV) are now a sell-out to the government of the day. “Reporting” “journalism” and “ethics” aren’t something that’s left in the newsroom. They no more provide “news” and “information”. Hate and propaganda is the new chorus for all in the garb of nationalism.

Honestly, there is plenty to hate about Indian media

(Courtesy: Swarajya)

There’s a reason why millions of news consumers now distrust the news channels and newspapers. (It is one of the reasons why online news and media is flourishing.)

There’s a reason why, out of 180 countries, India ranks 140 on the press freedom index.

There’s a reason why a journalist won the Ramon Magsaysay award just because he was doing what his job demanded him to do.

(Courtesy: Bloomberg)

To be more precise, here are 5 big reasons why not just me but a large part of the country now hates (or at least distrust) Indian media:

1. The news channels now believe that the number of Twitter users is equivalent to the total number of people in this country. They, in fact, now solely cater to Twitter users. Getting a hashtag trend on number #1, to them, means the entire nation is listening. Just FYI, according to a report in Economic Times, the Twitter’s MAU in India is around 32 million, majority of them are nationalists (and anti-nationalists), hate-vitriolic, right-wing and liberal stooges who dig sensationalism.

2. A large part of the news channels and newspapers are now entirely reliant on ad spending of the government. And, for your reference, Government now has thousands of crores in ad spending budget. Since 2014 till 2018, they spent Rs 5,200 crore in ads. This government has spent more on the publicity of Clean Ganga, Digital India, and other initiatives than in the initiatives itself. In fact, BJP spends more than Netflix, Colgate or Dettol on TV ads. Where do you think this money is going, or who is benefiting from this? The news channels and newspapers, of course, whoare then compelled to show pro-BJP news. Only channels like NDTV have managed to sustain its infrastructure by the traditional ad model, without depending on money from the government.

3. There is no sign of on-ground reportage. News channels have stopped sending reporters to the ground. And when they do send their people, it’s always to sensationalize the news. They would send the reporters to Kashmir in army clothes, in the middle of turbulence. They would send the reporters to zones that are at risk of storm, flood, and earthquake. When was the last time you saw reporters interviewing the poor people, unemployed, students, and teachers? Now everything happens in the newsrooms. And the news are sourced from Twitter users.

4. The news is now sold on the back of superstar anchors. The news channels are now solely dependent on one face. He/she is the anchor, reporter, interviewer, editor, HR, CMO, CFO and everything to the news organization. This is dangerous. When one person controls the news, she/he enjoys an ungodly amount of power that can destroy the democratic structure of the country (exactly what we’re seeing right now).

5. There is no news left on the news channels and newspapers. They have been doing the same Hindu-Muslim propaganda, Pakistan, Kashmir, Nationalism and “wah Modiji wah” for 5 years now. Every day you’re going to see the same topics. The same odious efforts to throttle the voice and space of the opposition. The same loud voice that spreads hatred among communities. Do we really need any other reason than this to hate Indian media? 

(Courtesy: NewsClick)

Believe it or not but all we’re left with now is just the phrase “Indian media”. Its structural and ethical existence is now non-existent. There are desperate attempts to stop real news from reaching to you. There are desperate attempts to serve you hate every day.

(Courtesy: The News Minute)

There are many reasons to hate Indian media.

Will the current scenario get fixed? LIKELY NOT!

Then what is the solution to this? I DON’T KNOW.

But we’re definitely in the midst of a crisis where Indian media, on the back of the government, is killing the democracy of this country that was hard-earned by thousands and lakhs of freedom fighters. 


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