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What is the current situation in Israel?


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You may have heard about the 2021 Israel-Palestine crisis. Yes, it is true. Before discussing the current situation in Israel, let us know the initial story of the fight between Israel and Palestine:

The British decided not to stay anymore in Palestine in 1949. Thereafter, Israel tried to rule over the state alone and considered the state as an independent state. But Palestine finds it wrong. So they objected to the decision of Israel and Arab countries moved in unity to stop Israel from forming a separate state of their own. And 1948 witnessed the first war between Israel and Arab.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is still on and no mutual solution has been found. The conflict is between Jews and Arabs, both of whom want to capture a piece of land situated between the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan River.

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Since 6th May 2021, the war or a conflict between Israel and Palestine has captured the attention of the media and every citizen of the country. There are three reasons which have welcomed the Israel-Palestine war:

1.The Israel authorities have closed the Damascus Gate. This is the month of Ramzan. And this gate is a famous place where all the Muslims gather once the evening prayers are over. But Israel police didn't allow them to do the same this 2021 and put barriers in front of the gate.

2.The Israel police stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque.

3.Israel Supreme Court announced its decision to evict the four Palestine families. Those families belong to the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, in East Jerusalem.

4.This time the targets of Gaza are the military tunnels. And Israel has supported them for the same. They are in favor of the clashes in armed forces, artillery fire, and airstrikes. They are all prepared for the war with 160 aircraft. The death of 13 Palestinians has been reported till now.

5.Large number of people lost their lives just for the sake of the land. According to the report of Gaza's health ministry, 83 Palestinians have been murdered. Out of them, 17 were children and 7 were women. More than 480 people got badly injured in the violence that took place between Israel and Hamas.

6. You may also have heard about the 350 rockets that Hamas fired in the last three days.

7. After the Airstrike on 12th May 2021, 5 Palestines have been reported as killed in Israel and 43 in Gaza.

This is the overall scenario of Israel for now or you can say this is the result of the Israel-Palestine conflict.


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