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Dhawani Singh

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What is the importance of listening in communication?


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Being a good listener is considered very important interpersonal skill personally and professionally both. For an effective communication, listening plays a vital role. It is an art and ability to receive and interpret messages properly without any mistake and misunderstanding.
Listening is different from just hearing; it includes responding to what we are hearing, this is known as active listening. Getting engaged in the process of communication with the speaker makes it differ from the listening skill. It is more focused and concentrated effort done mentally and physically. It is about paying attention to the speaker with your gestures that shows them they are being heard and generates an atmosphere for sharing.
At workplace, listening skills allow you to communicate more effectively, understand more, perform better, share ideas and problems and feel like a team. Listening patiently and helping the customer can fully satisfy them and thereby help in identifying their needs. Improving communication skill is very important at workplace to stay focused on the messages captured, conveyed and perceived.
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Good listening skills have several benefits in our personal lives too. Studies show that listening can improve self esteem and confidence and even better health and well being. Speaking sometimes raises heartbeat and blood pressure which attentive listening can bring down easily. When a listener pays attention to speaker, it shows that the person is being heard which builds a trust, openness and confidence in process of communication. Good listening skills facilitate conflict resolution and problem solving by slashing out miscommunication, thereby creating a positive atmosphere for sharing words.
In today’s dynamic world it isn’t always easy, but we can try and learn to practice it often. It not only create healthy environment at workplace but can help build a better relationship with your family, partner, children and friends.


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