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Naveen Kumar

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) at Neo Strive | Posted 19 Oct, 2018 |

What is the role of nutrition in a healthy lifestyle?

talha axhar

SEO expert | Posted 09 Oct, 2020

Nutrition is 80% of an healthy lifestyle because you can't lose weight if you are eating everything you get and can't lose fat despite of how much exercise you do.

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VedicWellness University

university | Posted 24 Sep, 2020

As they say, “ the first wealth is health”. We must take good care of our health as a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. We are all guilty of having those cravings now and then, and we end up indulging in the junk. Eating it once in a while is okay, but people today have made it their lifestyle. They have forgotten the importance of eating a balanced and healthy meal. Eating healthy and taking the right amount of nutrition is very important. Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is, therefore, necessary that a combination of right nutrients go into your body which makes you healthy and fit.

A nutritious diet would include whole grains, fruits and green leafy vegetables, protein, fats and sugars and dairy products. There should be a combination of all these in the right proportions to give the body the strength and energy to keep moving. The popularity of consulting a nutritionist has increased in recent times. This is because people are now more aware and conscious about their health and the nutritionists give them the right advice on what they should eat to stay healthy. Having nutrition in your diet boosts your overall health and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The importance of nutrition in a healthy lifestyle is-

Having appropriate nutrition will prevent you from diseases and infections. The most common problem of diabetes and heart attack occurs due to lack of good nutrition. Therefore, eating your way to healthy and nutritious food will help in keeping such chronic diseases at bay.

It also delays the signs of ageing—good news for ladies out there. Eating a nutritious meal helps in increasing vigour and boosts collagen production. It also enhances the cognitive function of the body. It is thus protecting the body from ageing early. 

It is a common myth that not eating food or dieting will help in losing weight. But this is not true. Eating proper nutritious food will help in weight management. Taking the right amount of fats and proteins will help in managing the weight effectively. Instead of avoiding junk and turning towards nutritious food better helps in losing weight.

Do you know what you eat is how to feel? Yes, that's true. It is therefore necessary that eating health and nutrition-rich food will help in radiating positivity and keep your mind relaxed. It improves the overall health of your mind and lifts your mood. All these help keep you away from stress and anxiety.

Immunity is the key to a healthy body. Eating a wholesome and nutrition-rich diet helps strengthen the immune system and prevents infections and diseases. It helps in making the body resistant against illness and conditions.

It also helps in improving the hair and skin. A nutritious diet helps in fighting acne and pimples. It helps in making the hair healthy and reduces hair loss. It makes the skin glow from within.


Good nutrition promotes the overall well being and health. It is something that everyone should strive for. It makes you feel better and happier about yourself. When the body is healthy and fit, other things set in the right place. Good nutrition should, therefore be adopted and help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Ali Abbas

Blogger | Posted 02 Nov, 2018

If you are not eating healthy, chances are you are not at your best state of life. If you are not at best state of your life, how can you expect to take the best out of you? You would not give the best of your capabilities.

If you can;t give your best, you aren't really growing. If you aren't doing your best to grow, then there is absolutely no meaning to your life then, is there?

Divya Bhargava

Nutritionist & Wellness Coach; DNHE -( IGNOU) Specialist in... | Posted 26 Oct, 2018

Role of nutrition for a healthy lifestyle is paramount. To have a healthy lifestyle you bound to have a healthy body. The role of nutrition for a healthy body, is same as the role of high quality petrol in a BMW. With the wrong kind of fuel the car is likely to get stalled or will not function. Same is the case with food. If you want your body to be fit and disease free you have to take the same amount of care in fueling it with right amt of nutritious food as you would fueling your precious BMW..

You are what you eat, therefore to be healthy you have to eat healthy.