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shweta rajput

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What is your opinion on the comments made by Barack Obama on Rahul Gandhi?


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Barack Obama on Rahul Gandhi?
"an apprehensive, unformed quality about him, as though he were an understudy who'd done the coursework and was anxious to intrigue the educator however where it counts needed either the fitness or the enthusiasm to dominate the subject."[1]
I concur with Barack Obama.
I would go significantly further. I think Rahul Gandhi does not have the longing or energy to succeed. I will give a straightforward snippet of data to demonstrate my point. Tejashwi Yadav tended to 247 conventions and four roadshows in 20 days for the Bihar races. He probably won't have won the decisions yet RJD's presentation is near that of BJP's and far superior than sitting CM's JDU. The fact of the matter is you can't perform well if your heart isn't in it.
Also, I think he comes up short on the inclination or is essentially sluggish or untrustworthy (last is by all accounts valid). Why? Keep in mind, he made a clamor about Rafale Deal. Notwithstanding, he didn't go to a solitary gathering of Parliament's standing advisory group on guard. It implies his words are not sponsored by activity.
Obviously, I think he is a good person and merits noble treatment. Nonetheless, except if he gets the ball rolling, past a specific crowd, no one will pay attention to him.



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