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What should One look for in a life partner?


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Life partner is really a heavy term. To commit your loyalty to someone for a lifetime is actually quite difficult because know one knows what is going to befall upon them in future.

This means when you are looking for a life partner (which is generally taken to be your spouse –because we are yet not comfortable with the idea of spending our life with someone without tieing the knot of marriage with them) you are looking for someone who is ready to be with you in thick and thin.

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So when you are finding the one for yourself, I would suggest don’t make looks or money a criteria. Looks may fade and money might not be there in future, but if the person is still ready to stand by you in such conditions, he/she is definitely a perfect life partner.

Remember that you are seeking a life partner and not someone who’s just there for a year or two. So you have to think long term. Smartness can be one of the criteria, and how a person deals with difficult situations in life.

One important thing to look for in your partner is whether they like you despite your dark side or not. Let’s accept it, we all our own inhibitions, prejudices, and past, which might not be very good or all clean. If a person is ready to accept you despite everything, he/she is definitely a keeper. But remember, you will have to keep the same attitude for the person. Because going for equality in a relationship makes it much easier to keep stable from both the sides.

If a person has all such characteristics other things can definitely be worked out because nobody’s is perfect and in real world we all might not meet the guy/girl of our dreams. A big part of relationships and marriages depend on compromises. You just need to make sure that the person is worth making compromises for.


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