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ravi singh

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Where did West Bengal go wrong?


teacher | Posted

Everything turned out badly and just a numb-skull would keep on remaining there in light of the fact that future is additionally dim.
Zero interest in Mamta Behenjis system.
  • Not so much as a SME began business in most recent 5 years. Many shut and shutting.
  • Can,t find a new line of work since everything is shut aside from Ola taxis and Uber. 
  • Partner ( nearby dialect for mafia) controls everything and its lamentably not constrained by anyone now . Just 80 % is constrained by administering party. 
  • Notorious for hawala/Penny stock cheats, ponzi plans, dark cash exchange as a large portion of the organizations are managed without bills !!! 
  • I mean upto INR 200 crore worth of organizations are done on money just on consistent schedule . 
  • Contamination in Kolkata is tantamount to in Delhi yet who cares, not my administration. 
  • We trusted that 10 years for things will improve yet to no end than we moved to south. 
  • All in all nearby bengalis are too apathetic to even consider working in view of neighborhood climate. 
  • A great deal uproarious individuals likewise contrasted with South Indians.. Each a large portion of a hr they need tea/smoking break . At last Tatas began a malignant growth emergency clinic in Kolkata it self with the goal that 4 crores of smokers in Bengal ought not need to go to Tata Memorial in Mumbai. 
  • You will be astonished to realize that 40% of absolute malignancy patients in India comes from Bengal !!!! 
  • Lawfulness is additionally breaking down step by step as all the convicts of CPM host consolidated the decision get. 
  • Cops are slapped practically regular !!! 
  • One can remain here post retirement when you don't have anything to do aside from going to Hospitals. I think Kolkata has biggest number of Hospitals on the planet and can be advanced as clinical the travel industry objective ! 
  • Other business one can undoubtedly begin is infringe on some principle street and begin selling Phuchkas and later on garments and fragrances. No licenses required !!! I think infringement is the quickest developing business advanced by Local government. 
  • Singur ( Tatat Nano site) was the last nail in the final resting place and it at long last kicked the bucket. 
  • Neighborhood Bongs have lost regard quite a while in the past as a result of minority vote bank governmental issues and bongs are bhadrolok are not needed in organization run state. 



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