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Why didn-t Ravana ever touch Sita?


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One inquiry I need to pose, whom do you believe Mata Sita to be? Some "abala naari"? Some powerless lady? Somebody who is reliant upon man? Some weak lady??? At whatever point I see these kind of inquiries, I feel the examiner imagines that Devi Sita is only an ordinary individual!!!
She had the option to lift the Shiv Dhanush, that no one could:
None in all the arrays of divine beings, comprehensive of mythical beings, devils, gandharvas, yakshas, kinnaraas, or reptilian diving beings, is sufficiently skilled to focus with this bow and all are delivered unable. And afterward, in shaking this bow for an appropriate hold, or in propping its bowstring to the opposite end, or in jerking the bowstring for its tightness, or in putting the bolt on bowstring at a legitimate spot for an appropriate stretchability, or even in focusing with it.What will be that ability of one from among people.
She herself says that she is PRAKRITI: (Adhyatma Ramayana)
मां विद्धि मूलप्रकृतिं सर्गस्थित्यन्तकारिणीम् ।
तस्य सन्निधिमात्रेण सृजामीदमतन्द्रिता ॥ ३४ ॥
Realize that I generally will be the antiquated Prakrit, made, preserver and destroyer . By simple nearness to him, I watchfully make this. 
Being the main source Sita is known as
Prakriti; of Pranava, as well, She is cause
As is named Prakriti.
She could transform Ravana into remains just in a second:
असन्देशात्तु रामस्य तपसश्चानुपालनात् ।
न त्वां कुर्मि दशग्रीव भस्म भर्मार्ह तेजसा ॥ वा.रा. ५.२२.२० ॥
"O Rāvaṇa I can burn you up through the fire of my virtue. Be that as it may, I don't have Rāma's consent and I need to save my capacity of parsimony despite the fact that you are fit to be transferred to the flares."
(Vālmīki-Rāmāyaṇa 5.22.20)
She is non-not the same as Sri Rama. She is as amazing as Sri Rama:
नेय मर्हति चैश्वर्यं रावणान्तःपुरे शुभा |
अनन्या हि मया सीता भास्करेण प्रभा यथा || ६-११८-१९
"This propitious lady couldn't offer route to the sway, existing in the gynaecium of Ravana, in as much as Seetha isn't not the same as me, even as daylight isn't not quite the same as the sun.
She appealed to Agni Deva to cool the tail of Bhagwan Hanuman:
हनुमज्जनकश्चापि पुच्छानलयुतोऽनिलः || 
ववौ स्वास्थ्यकरो देव्याः प्रालेयानिलशीतलः |
Indeed, even wind-god, the dad of Hanuma, joined with the fire on Hanuma's tail, cleared coolly like a snow-breeze, making a comfort to Seetha.
In Adhbhut Ramayana, Devi Sita even appeared as MahaKali to execute Sahastra Ravana:
Seeing Rama oblivious and defenseless on the field, Sita chuckled, and surrendering her human appearance she assumed the incredibly terrible type of Mahakali . In under a second, she cut off Sahastra Ravana's 1000 heads and started obliterating rakshasas all over. Endless moms of each sort went to the front line to brandish with Mahakali, messing around with the heads of rakshasas. The earth shook and nearly sank into the underworlds, yet was saved by Shiva camouflaged as a body.
Sarga 24: Realizing that the earth may be obliterated if Sita as Mahakali didn't quiet down, the Devatas came to conciliate her. They shouted that just through shakti does the incomparable ruler become open. She highlighted the oblivious Rama, clarifying that since he was oblivious she was unable to think about the world's government assistance. Brahma reestablished Rama's cognizance, yet as he recovered mindfulness he was terrified of Sita's horrendous structure. Brahma disclosed to Rama that she had taken this structure to feature the way that all that he does—the creation and decimation of the universe, and all different exercises must be refined in relationship with her, with shakti. Rama was fulfilled, and his feelings of trepidation eased.



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