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Kanchan Sharma

Content Writer | Posted on | others

Why do we ignore things that happen around us?


@letsuser | Posted on

its totally state of mind of anybody..as if why are you asking this question is ur state of mind..just enjoy ur life & u dont ignore people that,s important 


System Engineer IBM | Posted on

There comes a time in life when you are mature enough is not hurting back but ignoring it and move on. It’s like a chain reaction and the moment you reciprocate those negative emotions, it creates more negativity for you.

That's why ignorance is a solution to all the negative people in the world. You know that you can win over everyone but the more you accumulate negative energies of people, the more you end up hurting yourself in return and creating a void in that can't be filled.

You can't control others' behavior but you can control yourself. If you ignore and remain indifferent, then whatever the other person is doing will have zero effect on you. If you don't get hurt by such actions and rather you learn from them then these disappointments help you to learn to be independent, to love yourself and to stay strong.

People will try to shatter our confidence but deep down inside you must know what you are capable of doing, you should stop reacting to them and always remember, "Ignorance is not your weakness, It is bliss" and you shall soon emerge out as the strongest one.



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