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10 Most Famous Temples to Visit in India


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 10 Best Ancient Temples in India You Should Visit

India is a country which is well known for all its beautiful heritage and historic culture. One of the most important elements for which India is well known for all the famous temples. Anyone who wishes to get all hyped up for a family tour or a vacation, Temples are the places where they plan for the very first time to visit the historic culture that is temples. 

If you are a kind of person who loves ancient and historical places like temples, here is the list of 10 temples in India which one must definitely visit. These temples can even make someone religious if they are not. 

If you are planning to escape from the boring daily schedule and want some historical experience with some spice of religious colours, these top 10 famous temples in India are just fit as the options.

 10 Most Famous Temples to visit in India who have amazing architecture and are also famous temples of India that are amazing to visit, keep scrolling: 

One of the most famous temples across the whole country is Badrinath. It is situated in the heart of Himalayas in Uttarakhand and is also one of the four CHAR DHAMS which represents the North. Many people visit Badrinath which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. 

Rameshwaram ; Ramanathaswamy
If you wish to visit South Indian, visit Rameshwaram temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The architecture and design is so unique that it is beautiful in its own way. Rameshwaram, which is located between Sri Lanka and India at Tamil Nadu. Rameshwaram, which is also one of the CHAR DHAM, and it represents the south.  

Jagannath temple which is located on the East side in Puri is built over the Bay of Bengal. Lord Krishna is worshipped in the Jagannath temple. This temple is unique in its own way because of its beauty. Only Hindus are allowed to visit the temple, rest are not. Jagannath represents the East side of the CHAR DHAM

Dwarkadhish is the fourth temple in CHAR DHAM which represents west. It is situated on the Arabian Sea. Dwarkadhish temple has 56 steps which lead to the rear and Lord Krishna is worshipped here. 

Sri Virupaksha
Sri Virupaksha temple is situated in Hampi. Sri Virupaksha is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Brahmaji Temple
Brahmaji Temple is a dedication to Lord Brahma. It is located in a sacred place in Pushkar town. It is wonderfully created and has beauty of its own. 

Vaishno Devi 
It is located in Jammu and at the top hill and is the second most visited temple across the whole country. This temple is dedicated to Shakti. 

Golden Temple
Golden Temple in Amritsar which is pictured as the headquarters of Sikh religion. The beautiful structure of Golden temple is a mixture of Mughal and Hindu architecture style. 

One of the most important temples is Kedarnath. It is situated in Uttrakhand region in Himalayas and is almost unreachable during winter season. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the temple Kedarnath. An amazingly wonderful structure. Why not include it in Top 10 famous temples in India. 

Consider visiting the oldest and largest temple in India. Lingaraja is a popular temple in India. Lingaraja invites both Hindu and US travellers to enjoy the beautiful structure of the temple. The temple is situated in Odisha and is dedicated to both Shiva and Vishnu which together is known as Harihara

 Not just the architecture or the structure of the building makes it into 10 famous temples in India to visit but also how these are maintained and how wonderfully these have been created. 


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