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Rupinder Kaur

SEO Analyst | Posted on | Science-Technology

5 Reasons Why Business Should Switch To Cloud Accounting


Student | Posted on

Check out these five reasons why you should switch to EquiiText if you want to alter the way you text your consumers. Some individuals prefer shortcodes, while others just wish to keep their business texting apart from their personal communications.

1. Contacts and Contact Groups are unlimited.

Even the tiniest company has an ever-growing list of connections. EquiiText, unlike other SMS providers that charge more for additional contacts, allows you to incorporate as many opt-in leads as you need. This not only increases visibility but also makes funneling and campaigning simpler.

2. Artificial Intelligence-based Automatic Responders

More than forty pre-generated automated replies are included with every account. These auto-responses, which were created using proprietary artificial intelligence, eliminate the need for manual work in commercial SMS. You may customize the messages, add an endless amount of positive and negative keywords, and create your own personalized responders.

3.Bulk and Mass SMS Campaigning

Users of the EquiiText platform may send a single message to several recipients. Auto-responders with marketing messages are triggered by keywords. As a result, there is a higher rate of delivery and response. Your consumers will appreciate using your platform to communicate!

4. Timed Follow-Up Messages and Drip Campaigns

The greatest approach to keep in front of clients' thoughts is to use drip advertising. Send messages to opt-in contacts depending on when they first started messaging your platform. You may also send daily, weekly, and monthly messages to particular contacts or contact groups, as well as arrange campaigns in advance.

5.Innovative Integrations

The EquiiText system is extremely intelligent, not only because of its AI but also because of its numerous integrations. Set up webhooks from your website, get email and SMS notifications, and even use Zapier to connect your platform. Merging your company SMS with the dozens of other platforms and apps governed under the Zapier umbrella is a breeze.


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Writer and Accountant | Posted on

The cloud has become a ubiquitous part of everyday life. It's hard to go a day without using some sort of cloud-based application, whether it be checking the weather or reading the news. Cloud accounting is no different. In fact, cloud accounting offers many benefits that businesses should not ignore. Here are five reasons why businesses should switch to cloud accounting:

  1. Increased security and data protection - When data is stored in the cloud, it is often encrypted and password protected. This makes it much more secure than if it were stored on a local server. In addition, because the data is housed on multiple servers, there is less of a chance that it will be lost or destroyed in the event of a natural disaster or fire.
  2. Increased Efficiency – One of the most obvious benefits of cloud accounting is the increased efficiency it brings to businesses. With everything in one place and accessible from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection, employees can easily keep track of their finances and make changes as needed.
  3. Reduced Costs – Cloud accounting also reduces costs for businesses. There is no need for expensive software or hardware, and no need for on-site IT staff to manage the system. In addition, businesses can often reduce their monthly subscription fees by signing up for a cloud accounting service rather than maintaining their own in-house system.
  4. Improved Accuracy – With cloud accounting, businesses have access to real-time information, which helps ensure accuracy in financial reports and statements. This improved accuracy can help businesses make better decisions about where they should allocate their resources and how they should grow their business.
  5. Increased Mobility and Scalability: With cloud accounting, businesses can access their account information from any device with an internet connection. This also allows businesses to easily scale their accounting needs up or down as needed.
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