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Sikandar khan

Engineer at KW Group | Posted on | others

Are premium and luxury cars worth the money? If they are better than regular cars, then how?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Let me answer the second part of the question first…

"If they are better than regular cars, then how?"

Yes, foremost, the premium cars are better. And they are better because they bring much better quality to the table.

On the paper, they pack much more powerful specifications, features, and configurations.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Auto Express)

They are made using better quality material. More hours of human capital are put into them. The details look extremely fine, from the seat leather to the mirror type to the finger grips on the steering wheel.

In fact, when you're looking at a premium and cheap car, you would be able to tell the difference yourself. Even when driving each, you would notice a big difference. The overall experience of driving a premium car would be much better vs. a cheaper one.

So, it's not really difficult to find and feel how much better the premium cars are from the regular, cheaper ones. More time, energy and resources are spent on them. So, they ought to be much better. It only makes sense.

Now coming to the first part of the question: are premium and luxury cars worth the money?

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Understand that not all premium cars share the same quality. When you compare them among each other, one would clearly be better than the others.

And then the brand name, too, comes into play. Many companies charge extravagantly high for their premium cars that doesn’t bring the right value. In fact, some of their premium cars trade worse than the regular ones.

Meaning, while generally the premium cars are better, you would find a few instances when the cheaper ones come on the top.

Overall though, YES, premium and luxury cars are worth the money.

premium-brand-cars-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Autosports Group)

BUT are they worth "your money"? That's a whole different question.

The answer might likely be a NO.

WHY? Why do you want to buy a luxury car? Why do you need to spend more? Is it because of the social status it would bring to you? Is it because you want to feel better in front of your friends? Or is it because you genuinely like such posh cars?

The fact that you're even asking if it's worth the money is a clear indication that luxury cars might not be worth for you. It's a sign that you might not have a vast capital that you can spend liberally.

For most of us, premium and luxury cars don’t make sense. We don’t need them. Even if they bring the right value for the money, we need not make that investment unless you’re really passionate about such rides. Many people just "want" such cars because they have to hide their insecurities and low-esteem, and make themselves feel better in the crowd.

premium-brand-cars-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Instamotor)

The seats might not be very luxurious. The mileage might be low. The service might be less than expected. But regular, cheaper, mid-range cars do the same thing. They are just as good for the commute. They are a better choice for the majority.


Are premium and luxury cars worth the money?

ASK… are premium and luxury cars worth MY money?

Hope this, a rather preachy answer, helps. :)


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