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Sushil Ahirwar

@letsuser | Posted on | Science-Technology

Benefits nd role of social media in daily life?


Thinker | Posted on

Social media is the biggest cultural evolution of not this decade, but this century, according to me. The way the concepts of socializing and have changed today is pleasantly surprising. Indeed, social media is one of the foremost contributors in the transformation of our world into a global village.

Such a widely used platform, as social media is, has to have innumerable benefits to be that popular. And with benefits, it’s obvious that social media has to have a set of roles and responsibilities towards the society. Remember the Cambridge Analytica Controversy with Facebook?

 Anyhow, keeping such rarely occurring breaches aside, let’s discuss about the benefits and roles of social media in our daily life, to answer your query.


Benefits of social media:

Now this has become almost a rhetorical question, the answer of which is given, just for the sake of it. The benefits of social media are so many, that they can’t be justifiably summarized in just one article. To count some:

• Social media has almost become Doraemon’s Anywhere Door today. Be it anything. It can be at your doorstep anytime. Online shopping, face times, even something as basic as messenger services have proved to be a boon for all of us.

• It is needless to say the whole network of social media works far better than a newspaper of old times. Through Facebook, Twitter, and even news apps, you do not only get news, but you get a news with a certain analysis, and with all the versions. Social media has made commenting on and criticizing any happening easy, and this adds perspective to any event, making it a lot more substantial.

• Services like e-wallets, paytm, food ordering, ticket bookings, etc., have resulted in a more comfortable and hassle free lifestyle. Now we don’t dread long queues on ticket counters and other such things.

• E-commerce and digital marketing have become the need of the day for every business firm due to social media. Reports tell that in coming future, the ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube will exceed the number of ads on television.

Students are the most affected by social media because they are the biggest consumers of social media services. With social media, you can be assured that your child’s development does not depend on traditional learning and bookish knowledge only.

Role of Social Media:

The roles and responsibilities of social media emerge from its benefits only. Social media’s biggest role today is the greatest means of communication along with providing many extra facilities. As I remarked earlier, social media is to us what Anywhere Door is for Nobita.

Social media has relieved us a great deal. If we talk about the responsibilities though, it involves privacy issues first of all. Privacy is the major concern and if that is resolved, social media will be seeing greater heights in coming years.  


blogger | Posted on

social media play a very important role in our daily life it has enhanced our life as compared to that of life of 1980's due to this only today we are able to communicate with each other so has also added various feasibility to our life and made it more easy.


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