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Black box testing concept and it’s importance ?


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Black box testing is also known as behavioral testing and is a kind of software testing method. The tests done are usually functional, but sometimes non-functional. Black box testing the testing of an item without the design/structure/implementation being known to the tester.

According to an example of black box testing given by,
“A tester, without knowledge of the internal structures of a website, tests the web pages by using a browser; providing inputs (clicks, keystrokes) and verifying the outputs against the expected outcome.”


Black box testing is important because:

• Black box testing helps exposing discrepancies in the specifications as the tests are done from a user’s point of view.

• Since the test does not involve structure or design, the tester need not know programming languages.

• The tests are independent of the developers and hence free of bias.

• The tester only has a goal to accomplish, and no guidelines at all about how the goal has to be accomplished.

• This makes the testing process free of any possible discrepancies and biases.


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