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Anti-BJP alliance

Can Intensifying Anti-BJP Alliances (Finally) Slay Modi Juggernaut ahead of General Election 2019?

Prreeti Radhika Taneja

@ Entrepreneur | Posted 06 Jul, 2018 | Others

Posted By: Prreeti Radhika Taneja (Posted 06 Jul, 2018)

Can A Mega Anti-BJP Alliance Finally Stop the Modi Juggernaut?

Spending over Rs 4,300 crore on and around his publicity, and then smartly framing a ‘Him vs. All’ narrative on the back of pro-BJP media outlets—the stage is all set for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to usher himself into another term following the General Election 2019.

Yes, while the …

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Medha singh kapoor

your each and every blog has something amazing in it .

Amayra Badoni

i agree on another level .

Sumil Yadav

everyone should read this , amazing blog .