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audiovisualaocecom is my main blog Writing this to support not only my blog but also other bloggers .

Jie Liang Chua

@ @Blogger @OperationManager | Posted 01 Feb, 2019 | Others

Posted By: Jie Liang Chua (Posted 04 Feb, 2019)

Hardware Security to protect you love one

Hardware security is the security system that helps protect your physical asset. When you are at work who will help look after the asset left at home? The security system will kick in and give you a warning if there is anyone trespassing into your property. This can give you an ease of mind to …

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Posted By: Jie Liang Chua (Posted 01 Feb, 2019)

CCTV System

CCTV system is installed everywhere. Do you know each camera have a different purpose? The minority are used for surveillance nowadays they have other purposes now.

What are the purposes for those cameras?

Audience - Camera is installed with people counting to keep track of when is the peak …

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Posted By: Jie Liang Chua (Posted 01 Feb, 2019)

Introduction to Public Address System

Public Address System, in short, is the PA system. It is used in many areas, from events to a shopping centre. 

I am specialised in the public address system for buildings which consist of a few hundreds of speakers. Without the proper knowledge, the equipment can be burnt and even cause a fire …

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