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Barbara Meikle Fine Art

Joyful bold vibrant expressions are an integral aspect of Barbara Meikle Fine Art gallery Santa Fe A culmination of Barbara Meikle dream of having her own art gallery her mission is to provide art that is at once uplifting and joyful.

Suzanne Jennings

@ Meikle Fine Art Gallery Santa Fe | Posted 12 Apr, 2019 | Others

Posted By: Suzanne Jennings (Updated 10 Aug, 2019)

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Hello, this is Meiklefineart. Meikle Barbara is an artist who paints the simple world outside of her door in Tesuque, a village on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Meikle has been an artist from childhood.

In college, she earned a BA in painting and printmaking at the University of Denver and …

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